The Fastest Electric Boat | America's Only Electric Water Sport Towboat | Bruce 22 | CEBC

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CEBC manufactures boats equipped with a unique propulsion system fuelled solely on electricity since 1995. We are certified by the Canadian, the U.S and the European Coast Guards.

Bruce luxury launches have a classic, time-less design strongly reminiscent of the antique and classic launches of yesteryear. We hand build them using the latest in composite materials technology and combine that with traditional mahogany floor, seats and deck.
This luxurious vessel is the fastest electric boat on the market at a top speed of 40 mph (65 km/h). As you can see in this video, it is now possible to practise nautical sports, as water-ski, with this electric model. Our electric boats are equipped with a high power engine of 400 V. We use a lithium-ion Panasonic battery pack, the same as Tesla. This battery is rechargeable with a regular power source (110 V). The Bruce 22 has zero pollution emission and pays high respect to the environment. No CO2, no oil and no smoke is produced by this electric boat.

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