The Hutchison Effect: Remastered Hutchison Effect Footage

http://www.americanantigravity.com - Spontaneously melting metals. Objects flying around haphazardly. Strange glows manifesting in the air, and suddenly disappearing. This is the Hutchison Effect, digitally remastered.

The Hutchison Effect is one of the strangest and well-documented physics anomalies ever discovered. It's been filmed dozens of times -- at first on reels of Super-8 film in the early 80′s, and later by television crews from around the world.

This footage is taken from the original Super-8 film reel footage shot by Hutchison, and digitally remastered to remove the grain and film-defects. It is used with permission by John Hutchison & portrays the Hutchison Effect in greater detail than ever before.

The Hutchison Effect includes levitation, antigravity, and jellification effects in addition to a variety of other anomalies, and has been filmed extensively by film crews from all over the world. This footage represents a small part of the many aspects of the Hutchison Effect to be captured on film by John Hutchison and Dr. George Hathaway during the 1980's.
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