The Hutchison Effect: The John Hutchison Interview

http://www.americanantigravity.com - I've known John Hutchison for close to a decade now. I've visited his lab in New Westminster and spent many hours there. I've spent countless hours talking with him on the phone, and I've been an advocate for his research for a long time. I've met George Hathaway, interviewed Mel Winfield, and talked with John Alexander and a other military scientists who have studied his work.

I know John's research, too. I've held dozens of his metal-samples in my hands, seen spectrographic analysis of the chemical and molecular changes they underwent, and I've discussed the Hutchison Effect with scientists, engineers, and researchers that I've met from around the world. I've visited his lab on two occasions with groups of aerospace engineers who reviewed his work and came back highly impressed by it.

This interview is from my first visit to John Hutchison's lab in New Westminster, where he described the Hutchison Effect and discussed the history of his research.
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