The Konehead Pulse Motor - Doug Konzen at the Festival of the Ages 2001 - Part 1of3

Filmed at the 4th Festival of the Ages in Salmon Arm, BC in August 2001.

Theory, experiments and discussion as well as demonstrations of the Konzen Pulse Motor which appears to produce overunity. Doug explains magnetic 'splatter' and how various coil configurations can be used to recover and add energy back into the circuit.

An explanation of the 'pulse' motor based on insights and information from John Bedini, EV Gray and other types of pulse motor circuits. Doug has built wonderful working models from off the shelf parts in his quest for a working overunity motor.
He explains his experiments which led to the term 'splatter' currents, how they are produced, how the coils are wound as well as how the stators are attached and adjusted to give the optimum output.

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