The Man Behind B.C.'s Climate Action

For the past 10 years, Lee has led policy development on one of the most challenging issues of our generation -- climate change. Lee's excellent analytical skills and persistent approach to climate policy raised awareness of the problems before climate action emerged as a priority.

Lee's breadth of knowledge has been particularly important in addressing climate change issues which are complex, interdisciplinary and have impacts cutting across all sectors of the economy and society. Integrating all of the interests has been at the foundation of his work and has helped position government to respond to this complex issue.

Lee's work led to a bold suite of climate initiatives in 2007 that established B.C. as a leader on climate action, earning international acclaim.

His empowering leadership style has motivated staff to deliver over 100 climate mitigation and adaptation projects. These projects form a legacy to build on towards a sustainable, low carbon B.C. Lee's work reflects the essence of public service: protecting people, communities, livelihoods and our planet.
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