The most powerful vertical axis windturbine (VAWT) on earth ?(joke !!!)

The most powerful vertical axis windturbine (VAWT) on earth?
Of course !!! IT IS NOT !! ...is it forbidden to have some sense of humor ?? the RS is an amazing wind accelerator.
That means: the RS doubles the windspeed... and that is: power x 8 !!!
(Newton's second law of motion: If the wind speed is twice as high, it contains 8 times as much energy )
If the sweptarea (booster flaps) is made larger and larger, it is even possible to triple or quadruple the windspeed !! (with very low investment= super ecological footprint= Good ROI "return on investment")
That means:
RS SUPERBOOSTER produces energy at ULTRA LOW windspeed
That means : the RS is suitable for areas with too low average windspeed for conventional wind turbines (Darrieus)
As we all know: It is pointless to install wind turbines in areas where the average wind speed is less than 5 m / sec
That means : The RS is suitable in areas with even only 3 m/sec !!! (or even less)average windspeed.(more than 80% "on shore" average windspeeds on earth have less than 5 m/sec)
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