The Need for Alternative Fuels


With fuel prices floating, alternative fuels become great prerequisites in this world; and if you are among the millions of people who want to save on the fuel they consume while keeping the environment clean, why not learn how to make alternative fuels cheaply as well? Perhaps building your own hybrid car is one of the best ways to do, by just using water in running your car. How should the method go? The compressed hydrogen in the water is produced as a clean burning fuel that will run for many months with just one gallon of water! Using electricity and a vacuum hose from the engine, the small device gives energy and starts separating the Hydrogen from the Water to make HHO or Brown's Gas. Hardware relates with your vehicle's computer to use less fuel while attaining the highest efficiency from burning 30% fuel and 70% hydrogen, then the system remains oiled as not to cause and undue stress on your engine.
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