The role of Energy Efficiency for Climate Change Mitigation | Workshop Highlights by FSR Climate

Florence School of Regulation

Energy Efficiency and Climate Policies:
A Scoping Meeting for the FSR Climate
Organiser: Xavier Labandeira | Director, Florence School of regulation - Climate /EUI
7 November 2014

Session 1: General framework
Introduction and presentation of participants, Xavier Labandeira
Energy efficiency and climate policy: the big picture, Tyler Bryant
Energy efficiency policy instruments: issues for application, Lisa Ryan
EU energy efficiency policies, Serena Pontoglio
Energy efficiency and interactions with other climate policy instruments, Oskar Lecuyer

Session 2: Research needs and gaps
Issues for future energy efficiency policies in the EU residential sector, Paolo Bertoldi
Energy efficiency policies: the vision of an international power company, Gonzalo Sáenz
Funding energy efficiency, Juan Alario/Manuel Dueñas (not in video)
Unlocking energy efficiency in transport, Andreas Schäfer

Session 3: Ex-post analysis
Energy efficiency policy: issues, methods and data, Matthew Kotchen
An overall assessment of energy efficiency instruments, Magnus Söderberg
Nudging energy efficiency, Giovanna D’Adda
Policy packages, distribution and empirical results for Spain, Xavier Labandeira/Ana Ramos
Some empirical results for France, Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet
Some empirical results for Germany, Kathrine Von Graevenitz (not in video)
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