The RULER CELL! Dry Cell, Hydroxy, hho, hydrogen, brown's gas, etc...

The RULER CELL! Stainless Steel Ruler DRY CELL... Hydroxy, hho, hydrogen, brown's gas, etc...

This is an electrolyzer cell made out of Stainless Steel rulers i.e. the 'ruler' cell.
17 'plates'(rulers) total
1 INCH x 12 INCH PLATES($.88 - $1.00 per plate/ruler)

Sorry about the vid quality as well as my mumblin country hick soundin dialogue which I believe is incorrect according to my notes and verification of the cell just now.

Cell is as listed above, never mind whatever I said in the vid if what I said deviates from the above cell specs...

I have my 6 X 12 plates on backorder as well as a few tricks which, some of which, actually HAVE shipped and should be here w/i the next few days or so!

As much hydroxy as this little bitty cell made, I can't WAIT to try out the huge 6 X 12 cell that I'm about to create! I will be using ALL of the tricks and tips I've been reading about and seeing in all of these youtube, myspace, and other internet hydroxycells as well as some of my own which I haven't seen anywhere!! Most, if not all, of the efficiency items I will have in this next cell will be reversible so I can measure efficiency with and w/o the efficiency item. I believe this type of testing is KEY to figuring out the best way to make a cell, wouldn't you agree?

Will post a list of all of these tips in the vid that shows my next cell functioning!

Goal is at LEAST 10 MMW! Think it's possible? I know people that do, including myself!! SOMEONE will break the golden 10 MMW some day I believe! Will it be me? will it be YOU!? Who knows! We'll see I guess, won't we!

There are quite a few things that can be done to increase the efficiency of these cells. Current leakage is one of the biggies, have to stop the current leakage, period. Spacing of the plates is pretty important as well as flow of fluid and gas thruout the cell. Temp plays a role in production, but not really efficiency as far as I can tell.

hope you enjoy these vids, I enjoyed building this ruler cell, it's very bright and looks like a toy, but the hydro this thing makes ain't something to play with, as many of you already know! OUCH!


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