The Sci Guys: Science at Home - SE3 - EP 14: Pizza Box Solar Oven S'mores

Welcome to science at home in this experiment we're creating a pizza box solar oven and cooking s'mores in it. Solar ovens are easy to make and are an excellent example of how the sun's solar rays can be captured and used to cook food. Pizza boxes are great thermal insulators and will help keep the heat inside the solar oven. We also test two slightly different variations on the solar ovens to see which will rise in temperature the highest.
The sun produces huge amounts of solar light which travels to the earth and beams down onto our solar oven. Once the light reaches the solar oven it becomes trapped and transfers its heat through radiation to the air molecules that are inside the solar oven. After leaving the solar oven in the sun for around an hour the s'mores should be well melted and ready for eating. By the end of this episode you will be able to explain how to make a solar oven, how it gains thermal energy and why the food inside the oven cooks.

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Equipment and Ingredients:
Pizza Box
Plastic Wrap
Black Paper
Box Cutter
Pen or Pencil
Wooden Dowels
Aluminium Foil
Graham Crackers
Lab Coat or Apron

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