The Searl IGV - Inverse Gravity Vehicle

http://www.americanantigravity.com - History of the Searl IGV, narrated by John Searl. The Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV) is claimed to be an experimental space vehicle powered by the Searl Effect Generator, capable overunity energy generation for space propulsion purposes.

In this slideshow, Searl narrates the history of constructing and testing the Searl IGV in the 1960's, and describes numerous confrontations with scientific skepticism as obstacles that his organization had to overcome. He also describes some of the scientific and technical aspects of the Searl IGV craft, including a "mirror effect" on the bottom of the craft during flight in which the reflection of ground features underneath the Searl IGV are reflected from the force-field surrounding it.

John Searl describes the Searl IGV as being designed to take advantage of the antigravity effects generated by the Searl Effect Generator during operation. The IGV is designed to support and integrate a large-scale SEG into an airframe capable of controlling the forces created during operation.
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