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Published The Blazer Products Stingray GB4001 is a powerful, completely portable butane refillable micro torch. and a must have tool for any professional repair job.

Some of the Stingray’s features include;

A state of the art piezo instant ignition system.
There’s no need for an external ignition source
A 2500F wind resistant blue torch flame.
A safety lock for peace of mind in any environment.
Lightweight, self-contained and completely portable.
Use it in the repair shop or out in the field.
Refills for pennies with blazer brand butane

The Stingray features an anodized outer body finish, which increases its resistance to wear and corrosion.

Solder, melt or activate adhesives and caulking, work with jewelry, plumbing jobs, brazing and much more. Available in 3 great anodized finishes: Black, Blue and Silver.


To refill your Stingray, turn the unit upside down and insert the tip of your butane gas canister securely into the torch’s gas inlet valve.

Be sure the nozzle on the canister fits over the internal tube of the torches inlet valve and creates a tight seal.

Apply pressure in a downward motion to release the butane from the canister.

Refill times will vary, but should be approximately 10-15 seconds. Less if there's still some butane in its tank. When butane starts to flow back from the inlet valve it’s filled.
It’s important not to overfill your torch as this may affect flame strength.

Please note; never fill a torch or lighter near a sink or similar surface depression.
Butane gas is heavier than air and may and remain present in low lying surfaces for some time.
Never fill your torch near an open flame.

Always allow 1 minute for the newly inserted butane gas to stabilize before attempting to ignite.
To ignite your Stingray; be sure the air flow dial on the nozzle is aligned with the opening on the Stingray.

Open the red locking lever by moving it to the up position.
Turn the gas flow lever to the left position, you'll hear an audible hiss as butane gas is released.
Press the ignition button to spark the piezo instant ignition.

Remember, always point your torch away from your face and body when igniting.

Use the gas flow lever to control the flame length. The gas flow adjustment lever allows full control over flame length and temperature.

To shut the Stingray off simply turn the gas flow lever to the right or the minus position.
Be sure to push the locking lever downward to lock the unit.

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