The Suppression and Development of GEET, Invented by Paul Pantone in 1983, up to 2011 (part 1)

In this two-part video presentation you will see a perfect solution to pollution and fuel shortage problems.
You will see how corporate rejection, ridicule from the media, hostile take-over attempts, political corruption, blackmail, torture, and patent infringement have been standing between you and this solution since 1983.
However, from beyond these struggles has emerged a promising future, both plentiful and ecological.
Watch part 1&2 of this video to see how the open-sourcing of this technology has created a gateway to the public.
The solution is a technology called GEET, which stands for "Global Environmental Energy Technology".

For over a decade Paul Pantone attempted to cooperate with big businesses.
They all wanted full ownership of the GEET patent, so they could shelve the technology and profit.
Others such as M.I.T. and Dennis Lee attempted to claim GEET technology as their own, which has resulted in the mis-spending of millions which have funded GEET research.
Major polluters like MagCorp have refused to use GEET to safely dispose of their toxic waste.

Paul was being framed for "Securities Fraud", and was arrested shortly after the 2005 "OSEN" interview took place.
He was illegally dragged into a corrupt judicial system of Utah to stay for three and a half years.
He was pressured to a "plea bargain" or his wife would be arrested as well.
After serving the 120-day-sentence served to him, Paul was accused of "legal incompetence" for insisting his technology did work.
Listen to this phone interview with GEET Inventor Paul Pantone from with the USH:
He was railroaded to the Utah State Hospital forensics unit (prison mental ward).
There, he was continuously pressured to surrender rights to his patent by threat of psychotropic injection,and promises of medical treatment, as his health failed rapidly due to facility conditions and unqualified, negligent staff.
In the next interview Paul Pantone (from within USH)discusses how difficult it is for Utah inmates to find remedy for abuse by the USH, and State of Utah.
Paul Pantone Interview, late January 2009: "No help for USH patients":
A decade passed since GEET Inventor Paul Pantone donated, via the internet, the
free GEET plans for personal use to all mankind.
Around the world people have responded enthusiastically to GEET; retrofitting city vehicles, farm equipment, generators, boats, jet airplanes...if it burns fuel, GEET can retrofit it.

Thanks to the diligent "Paul Pantone Defense Team", supporters who donated to Paul's attorney fund, and GEET experimenters world-wide, who used the free GEET plans and proved GEET works,the State of Utah was forced to release Paul Pantone.

Since his release, Paul has taught GEET technology to hundreds of people, and has licensed over 60 U.S. GEET Dealers.

Email paul.pantone at to inquire about GEET Dealership Licenses

In Part 2 See: Dealer products, GEET in world NEWS, & footage of successful retrofits from free plans.

Paul Pantone and GEET International have not received any governmental aid.

Please support GEET research with a donation:
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