The Suppression and Development of GEET, Invented by Paul Pantone in 1983, up to 2011 (part 2)

GEET Inventor Paul Pantone released the Free GEET Plans in 1998 and, even while he
was wrongfully incarcerated for false criminal and insanity charges(2005-2009), his invention continued to spread around the world.

Today thousands of successful GEET retrofits have been witnessed and documented
on the Internet and in the media.

This video shows world-wide experimenters' success using the Free GEET Plans, including French NEWS clips, as well as demonstrations of GEET by licensed U.S. GEET Dealers.

GEET Technology runs like plasma through the bloodline that is the green movement and self-sufficient activist.

Email to inquire about dealership opportunities.

Developed not by a team of scientists, but by a gifted back-yard inventor, GEET has undergone ridicule and disbelief, governmental suppression, pirating by individuals and companies across the world, and yet, still withstands.

Though neglected and abused for decades in the United States, GEET was received with open-arms in countries like France, The Netherlands, and Australia.

As we become more aware of the reality and availability of our options, we become empowered to plan for and participate in changes necessary to wean ourselves and our
economy off of fossil fuels.

Though the Free GEET Plans are able to help you achieve great results in fuel savings
and pollution reduction, the science behind the GEET reaction, must be understood to yield maximum potential.

If you would like to become a GEET Dealer, Paul Pantone is currently offering training and licensing.

Explanation of the fundamental relationship of plasma and vacuum which facilitates the GEET reaction, but isn't mentioned in mainstream science books, will be imparted to you during your training.

We must not let this solution sit idle.

GEET is growing in popularity only because regular people are gaining awareness and ambition to make a positive difference for the world.

It is up to each of us to do what we can.

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