The Tesla Spirit Radio - Full Spirit Communication Test

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My buddy built this Tesla Spirit Radio using plans that are easily found online. It costs about $30 to make and supposedly this is a design from Tesla itself. It is said that the voices he received really freaked him out, and I can see why.

When I plug this into amplification I hear nothing. If I use the tuner, I hear nothing. When I ask a question..I get a reply in a human voice. Not sure exactly what is happening but if I leave it siiting I hear nothing but an occasional clap or clang. If I go into a session with it then I can record voices.

Pretty crazy device. Is it tapping into the other side? Well, for me, I believe it is as I am indeed a spirit magnet and can collect EVP anywhere. I can record voices and full direct replies from my spirit box devices and this is no different.

Spirits use energy and electrical noise to manipulate it into voices and words. Yes, this happens and is a real phenomenon.

I still prefer my Andy's Box, but this device is indeed very cool to look at and experiment with.

This device needs no power. No battery and no electricity but it does need its signal to be amplified HEAVILY.

If you want to make your own, use the link below to find out how:

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