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The Tesla Turbine - Presentation by Sevier Bonnie (1990)

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Current Tesla Turbine Technology - International Tesla Society Symposium (1990)
"My alternating system of power transmission came at a psychological moment, as a long-sought answer to pressing industrial questions, and altho considerable resistance had to be overcome and opposing interests reconciled, as usual, the commercial introduction could not be long delayed. Now, compare this situation with that confronting my turbine, for example. One should think that so simple and beautiful an invention, possessing many features of an ideal motor, should be adopted at once and, undoubtedly, it would under similar conditions. But the prospective effect of the rotating field was not to render worthless existing machinery; on the contrary, it was to give it additional value. The system lent itself to new enterprise as well as to improvement of the old. My turbine is an advance of a character entirely different. It is a radical departure in the sense that its success would mean the abandonment of the antiquated types of prime movers on which billions of dollars have been spent. Under such circumstances the progress must needs be slow and perhaps the greatest impediment is encountered in the prejudicial opinions created in the minds of experts by organized opposition." ~Nikola Tesla, My Inventions (1919)


Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-15,000-rpm-Tesla-Turbine-using-hard-drive-/

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