the ultimate joule thief collection

join me in my endless search for the best combination ive found so far concerning the joule thief in its simplest form ! no capacitors or rectifiers and other fancy circuitry just its simplest basic form of a half dead aa battery, emergency cell phone charger, transistor, potentiometer, 1-1 transformer and a load of 300 l.e.d`s !!!! i would sit for hours and hours with the same set up and swap around hundreds of different transistors to find the best one and then do the same with hundreds of different toroids and other transformers to find the best one using just this setup, whats the seceret? its all in my eddie current minimising transformer transformed !!! watch how i "attempt" to demonstrate how these thin sheets or steel laminations in most transformers minimise eddie currents and then impliment that theory into the simplest of simple joulethief setup´s with spectacular results in light, but with a sad dissappointing 46% efficiencey which is strange considering how blindingly bright these 300 torch l.e.d`s are !!... so bright infact i see light spots when i look away , i had another 100 l.e.d. torch which made it 400 l.e.d`s but thats gone now and these 100 l.e.d. torches run on 6aa batteries each !!! ...i´ve tried to keep it as simple as possible so that even a 12 year old can replicate it and be inspired to recycle at the same time !! ...p.s.. push pause on my parts list as i was almost out of the youtube time limit of 15mins and dont want to do 2 parts so i kind of skimmed over it anticipating you will push pause for perusal
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