Thermoelectric generator module

Thermoelectric generator moduleNowadays everybody is actively looking for alternative environmentally friendly energy sources. That is why it is wise to use thermoelectric modules for generating electric power.Thermoelectric generator modules are alternative environmentally friendly sources of electric power. With temperature difference of 100°С one module can generate up to 10W of power at DC voltage up to 6V.When designating thermoelectric modules a universal abbreviation is used. For example, ТGM-N-C-h where:ТGM is an abbreviated designation of the device - a thermoelectric generator module;N is the number of thermoelectric pairs in the module;C is the length of the base rib of a thermoelectric element measured in millimeters;h is the height of a thermoelectric element, also in millimeters.For instance, module TGM-127-1.4-1.2 has 127 thermoelectric pairs or 254 thermoelectric elements. Each element has cross section of 1.4 by 1.4 mm, and height of 1.2 mm.Generator modules have the following main areas of application. They are used for utilizing exhaust heat in transport vehicles such as automobiles and vessels. The modules are also used to provide offline energy to electronic units of water boilers and waste incinerators. The modules are used for cathode protection of gas pipelines, as well as for converting heat of natural sources such as geothermal waters into electric power. Finally, generator modules provide offline energy to low-power electric appliances.
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