ThermoElectric Generator powered by a Candle

A home built Thermo Electric Generator (TEG) powered by a Candle. It's almost a free energy source.

Also take a look at my other build, a TEG USB Charger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVeIqsgvfuM&list=UULUvPd1Qo0e6FmzULEbNX6w

It's build by a TEC module, 3V DC-motor, a piece of wood, CPU cooler, Springs,
M4 bolts, Cooling Paste, an old heatsink and some color.

A candle heats up the under heatsink.
The temperature raises and the DC-motor starting to spin the fan.

The fan cools the CPU cooler that lowers the temperature on the TEC module
so the temperature difference raises and the DC-motor spins faster.
The electricity that powers the dc-motor comes from the temperature difference in the TEC module.
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