TISHITU Compressed Air Hydrogen HHO Welding Torch Cutting 16 Gauge plate easier

Tishitu explains
Compress air HHO oxyhydrogen Welding technique is easy to use and more effective when you need more deep impact to pressure metal require
By fuel cell there is 30 Psi.
and by compressor it require effectively 45 to 100 Psi
for 10 minutes of run it cost you
motor rating 5 Amp x 220 Volts = Power in watts 1100
it cost near by 5Rs. in one Hr.
and compressor charge 100 Psi in within 10 Minutes
So Rs.5/60(Minutes)= .0833 Rs./minutes
and (Rs.0.0833) x (10Min.) =0.833 Rs./10 minutes
and same my reactor take 5 Amp x 220 Volts = Power in watts 1100 and produce 6LPM
so calculation for both are same in terms of cost

Result for pressurized welding for 1 hr is Rs.5(Compressed air) x Rs.5(HHO)= 10 Rs / Hr.
without Pressure Rs.5(HHO)=5 Rs. /Hr.

1. increase safety
2 . if ratio of compress air increase it cools the HHO flame in some conditions corrosion take place in metal while welding or braising so it lower the strength of metal so it is helpful too for cooling and deep impact of heating and cutting too
3.Long lasting for flow rate of HHo
4. Cant join 2 Ppls. broken hearts but join metal broken hearts (Just joking :) :) )
Many more

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