IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 26 January 2010, the Vancouver Gadgeteers amateur inventors club will no longer be selling its Adams motors, e-books/e-guides, DIY plans, hydroxy devices, pulsers, components, or consulting services due to the personal risks and 'inconveniences' and perceived threat level as well as the lack of support from the public, generally speaking. While it has been an interesting, and at times, exciting area of tinkering, the bottom line is that the trouble just wasn't worth it. Other alternative-energy experimenters have also paid a painful price.

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phone 604 - 512 - 9567
backup 604 - 980 - 7197

The Stan Meyer specifications call for a special toroid. We have two: One exactly as Meyer specified, and one that has a 20% better (higher) spec, allowing for a margin of error. We'll also ship you a Bob Boyce toroidal transformer or any other custom winding. (Six week delivery.) The Men-In-Black do not like us doing this.

Be advised that the matching choke and inductor require careful sizing (calculations) because the blowback (from non-resonance) will blow the pulser's FETs. If you are stuck with the difficult equations required to size the inductors and avoid destroying your PWM (pulser), contact the Vancouver Gadgeteers for consulting services.

Need one like this for your Stanley Meyer HHO generator? Do you already have the Pulse Generator and the diodes? The right ones?

This toroidal voltage transformer is for those who are going beyond just a 555-timer chip PWM. Way beyond. Look up our 200V 60A pulse generator, too.


What the Gadgeteers Have Done So Far

To order, please send your payment to:
R. Matthies
306-349 E. 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J9

IMPORTANT: We have been losing mail to/from buyers. Please advise
if this has happened. We are not the only HHO seller that this has
happened to! Also, someone like a "Mr. Big" has managed to "doctor"
at least one component in the Meyer patent, Fig. 1 in his original
patent. Someone out there, who is quite powerful, doesn't want HHO
to succeed.
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