Touchstone Ann Arbor MI - Geothermal, Solar Heating, HVAC Installation

Visit us and learn more at - - Here is a recent Geothermal Heating, Solar Heating & HVAC Heating and Cooling job we completed over in Ann Arbor, Michigan - A very smart community building called the 'Touchstone House' with all the most efficient gadgets for heating and cooling comfort. This unique community Touchstone Cohousing has high efficiency homes with minimalistic type of living, no driving allowed!
We installed our custom HVAC Geothermal heating and air conditioning with assisted hot water. Also we installed the thermal solar heating system in this structure to control the water. It has the best of both worlds, both very efficient heating and air conditioning along with solar generated hot water for no costs! Last but not least, we installed the heat recovery ventilator to keep the air fresh and great air exchange for the indoor air quality. Due to the super tight ventilation of this structure they will have very small bills!!
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