Transparent NASA free piston Stirling engine (How it works?!)

Hi everybody!

I've got lot of question here: How it works the free piston Stirling engine? How You can fixed the displacer on the wall?
Are the pistons really working with 90 degrees? etc...etc..

So, here is my newest video the answer for every questions.
I created a transparent borosilicate engine. I used regenerator gap in this engine!
No regenerator steel wool, just a little gap between the displacer and the cylinder.
The gap is approx. 1,5mm around.
Also I used some masses inside the displacer. Steel wool and a big glass marble.
The displacer is 42 g now.
An important thing what I always forget...a pinhole on the displacer also the cylinder.
These are important for the engine's optimal working pressure when you build this model.

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