TRUCK RUNS 100 % on WATER NOT on GASOLINE - Is it a Fake ?

TRUCK RUNS 100 % on WATER NOT on GASOLINE - Is it a Fake ?
Copy of the video from Youtube User: FutureEnergyConcepts

If such a technology will be invented, this will be the breakthrough in
HHO powered cars.

Link to this video:

This Video is about on demand HHO production powering a truck to run on Water. It was claimed, that the truck runs on water 100 %.
But this is not true as this vieo in unfortunately a fake.
But you still can save fuel by using an HHO car.
So it will not be a real watercar but it will help to save fuel
by water splitting into H2 and O2 so the drycell is generating
oxyhydrogen or also called hydroxy gas fuel.
So with the HHO on demand generation you can Save the environment cause it will clean the exhaust and almost completely eleminate any pollutants in the exhaust.

But there are many inventors who are working on cars
that run only on Water. A few have succeeded, like Stanley Meyer , who ran his buggy car solely only on water and recently a guy from Brazil, Ricardo Azevedo from Sao Paulo who runs his bike only on water.

Regards, Stefan.

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