Two stage air turbine generator AMAZING SOUND!


Two stage air turbine engine that was built out of metal sheet (i'm not sure about the exact material but it must be tin), which is installed in two 4cm pc fans cases with ball bearings.
I attached it to a stepper motor (24v) with a rubber band taken from old legos with some pulleys to see how much electricity it can produce.
At 30 psi i managed to produce 24.7 volts and 199mA which is about 4.9 watts. I couldn't produce more, not because the turbine isn't powerful enough, but because of the fact that the stepper motor can't go any further
I suppose that getting a larger stepper motor will give me more watts

Materials used:
- 2 x 40mm pc case fan
- 2 x hybrid ceramic bearings
- plexyglass for the front and back cover
- 4 screws ( for the case )
- Plactic aquarium tube to guide the air from the first to the second stage
- axle from an old dc motor (130 type)
- brass tube for the inlets and outlets
- several lego pieces for the base and others pulleys
-2 x 2 liter coke bottles
- epoxy glue

4cm x 4cm x 2,5cm

No plans for this engine

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