Ubiquitous Energy ClearView Power™ Solar Window Technology


Solar Window Power Generation
ClearView Power™ Technology is a transparent solar cell that can coat any surface, including displays and windows, to harvest ambient light and generate electricity. Clean, clear Ubiquitous Energy.

ClearView Power™ is invisible, providing transparency to enjoy natural lighting and a view of surroundings while converting infrared and ultraviolet light into electricity to offset energy consumption.

ClearView Power™ can also serve as an on board source of electricity to autonomously power electronic smart devices, toys, computers and vehicles. ClearView Power™ technology is being demonstrated in BMW Brand Stores around the world as part of BMW’s “i Exhibition.” The ClearView Power transparent photovoltaic coatings are produced in Ubiquitous Energy’s Silicon Valley pilot production facility. The demonstrations will provide BMW customers and partners a glimpse of the new coating material that generates electricity.
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