UK DIY Powerwall - 18650 Tesla style battery - Balancing & Sizing Packs - Part 8

Part - 8
Rant on battery bank initial setup - how to ensure all your 18650 packs start are balanced to the same voltage in parallel before connecting them in series. In my case 7 packs in series to make one large battery at 29v. I have no BMS but I do have a great inverter that manages the voltage cut off at 29.2v maximum and 23.5v bottom level cut off. I will be adding a video when my battery balancers arrive from China and will review hoe to fit and how these work to monitor all 7 packs and keep their voltages the same. Today there is a little bit of drift on the batteries due to some weaker cells in the packs, its not huge but something I need to manually monitor. Having the balancers will ensure I can set them up and leave them.
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