UK DIY Powerwall - 18650 Tesla style battery - Lithium-ion Balancers - Part 9

Part 9 of the series to build a DIY Powerwall - home battery from old laptop batteries.

Many people are using a BMS for balancing their Electric Bike smaller 18650 battery packs which is fine for the lower amp batteries.

After researching I decided to go with the approach of Lithium-ion battery balancers to help maintain an even balanced voltage across my 7 batteries. These battery balancers have no voltage cut offs built in they are less complex and less electronics to fail. I'm using the inverter to manage the top and bottom battery bank cut offs. The battery balancers were purchased from Aliexpress.com I will post the link here in few days.

The battery balancers are working really well and work by using dc voltage on the battery side and the battery balancer interconnects the green and blue cables use AC current to share the voltage across other batteries.
10Amp balance charge capable. Most BMS system provide much less than 10Amps which is why low cost BMS units are not very efficient when you have large amps in your batteries.

Link her to this great little product that works a treat to balance the batteries whilst using your inverter to manage top and bottom cut off:


Please tell them if your buying from the green store on ALiexpress them Shaun Luty from UK DIY POWERWALL referred you. ( You never know they may offer me some for free next time if i generate some demand)
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