UK DIY POWERWALL - $900 big green 14KW "Tesla style" home battery. Using recycled laptop batteries

UK DIY TESLA POWERWALL - HOME BATTERY. Made from old recycled Laptop Batteries. The finished product my home made 14kwh Tesla style Powerwall home power project. Made from old laptop batteries. My channel will show you how to make a home use battery to power your home from old laptop batteries! My home made DIY Powerwall has been working for 3 months, surplus energy from my Photovoltaic Solar Panels is stored in batteries during the day and used to power my home when the sun goes down. This reduces my electricity bills in the long run.

Phase 1 is 7kwh. a second phase is scheduled for the end of May 2016 to add a further 7kwh (that s 7 batteries each made from x120 18650 cells from old laptop batteries.)

Interested in making a big battery from old laptop batteries please take a look and if you like what you see give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel please.
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