UK DIY Powerwall - How to build a $900 (£600) tesla style powerwall - Home Battery.

Can run my house on 5 year old laptop batteries?

The answer is yes with an lot of time preparing 18650 cells , taking some care and attention to detail it can be done.

This project is live and my first 7kw of battery capacity is running my house when the sun goes down.

The surpus electricity that comes from my grid-tie inverter is stored in batteries during the day and automatically released overnight to remove / reduce my use of power from the electricity grid overnight.

In the UK we are charged around 20 pence per 1kw unit of electricity, UK FITS program pays 3 pence for any surplus export - so i am saving money as well.

My G83/2 inverter has the intelligence to know when to store to batteries , when to self use the solar PV power and monitors the electricity grid power consumption real time to make intelligent decisions.

So if your interested in building your own DIY "Telsa style" POWERWALL - here is my project to show you my experience and 3 months of stealing a few hours from sleep to create one.

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Apologies for the videos quality they should improve as i get more confident with the technology (my first attempt on youtube and videos) , also these are created on an iphone 5 so nothing special and little if any editing as you you will see.

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