ultrasonic sound generator (3-4 W) with tweeter (schematic)

READ THE TEXTBOX FOR MORE INFO & LINKS. Correction to the video: connect a 220 uF electrolytic capacitor from the location where the 2K7 and the !K resistor meet to ground (decoupling). A simple circuit to make an ultrasonic sound generator with nasty peaks and an irritating sound. You cannot hear the high frequencies due to the low audio bandwidth from my camera microphone and/or the audio bandwidth from Youtube.

You can find the links to all my video’s about electronics (in thematical order) on my Channel Trailer “Radiofun232 on Youtube”. Link https://youtu.be/xbgQ8T3oqh4 . (all info in the “comments” section). My books are available on the Lulu website, search for author Ko Tilman.


You can make an ultrasound generator in 2 ways: 1) A NON-STABILE MULTIVIBRATOR ON 16 KHZ-20 KHZ + A power AUDIO AMPLIFIER + A TWEETER or: with a BLOCKING OSCILLATOR + TRANSFORMER + TWEETER. Blocking oscillator=difficult (coil=critical must be between 10 KHZ and 22 KHz, often ferrite, small power transformers work sometimes). Non stabile Multivibrator is easy to make.
Go to the comments section from my channel trailer to find usable multivibrator circuits.

Relevant video’s
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