UNH Hydrokinetic Turbine 35ft Test Platform - Tidal Energy

This video describes the 2012 upgrades to the Tidal Energy Test Platform v1 at the University of New Hampshire Center for Ocean Renewable Energy (UNH-CORE). Hydrokinetic turbines up to 5 ft (1.5m) in diameter can be tested with this platform, in push tests or in the tidal currents at the UNH-CORE Tidal Energy Test Site in Great Bay Estuary in New Hampshire. Stay tuned for updates from deployments.

A new, larger Tidal Energy Test Platform v2, 64ft x 34ft, for evaluation of marine hydrokinetic turbines up to 13 ft (4m) in diameter has been has been designed and will be available in the near future.

Note: This video was made and originally posted by capnmatt41.
For more information contact Matt Rowell (capnmatt41) or Martin Wosnik at UNH.
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