UNITY+ Perpetual Motion Engine

OK, All you dingbats that are looking for a real UNITY+ Perpetual motion engine, here is my concept. It uses three sets of gyro systems to absorb energy of the relative motion of the planets. (Earth/Moon/Sun). So, it gets its energy from rotational and tidal effects translated into gyroscopic precession to make a gyro platform rotate with a massive torque. The titanium flywheel spins at 100 000 rpm floating in friction-less neodymium magnet bearings to create a G force multiplier. This provides around 1000 G's so that the outer rim of the flywheel, hich is in a constant state of acceleration, is continually pulled out with the force of a few tons. This is like having that tonnage pressing down on a bicycle pedal, to make a smaller flywheel spin, which generates electricity. The electricty maintains the spin of the main flywheel and an excess is then channeld out to whatever uses it. A small desktop version will be on sale for +- $ 240, and a home unit providing 1KW, will be available for around US$2500.00 Once installed, it will provide electricity 24/7/365 (as long as the EMS is in motion around each other) . It does not suck some magical energy off som undetermined woo woo source. It Harnesses the rotational actions of the Earth/Moon/Sun around a central point (Itself) and converts those rotations into a rotational action of its own. This rotation drives a specially designed genny. to provide electricity. Forever ... Running on friction-less magnetic bearings in a vacuum.

I have done the tests on the various aspects and am now ready to start taking orders. (Yes, I need to base my initial production run on real orders ... So, be serious about wanting one if you want one.)

But here, 100% delivery guarantee, 100% money back guarntee, 100% Satisfaction guarnatee ... is the very first UNITY+ Perpetual motion engine, that has no fuel, no exhaust, and has a waste product of electricity. Investors welcome, dealer inquiries welcome. 100% serious.
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