Update: Fuel Vaporization Injection Nozzle

Update on the progress of the fuel vaporization systems.

Thanks for all of your support!

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If anyone has these materials and would be willing to donate them it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

I will be needing a piece of 1.25" diameter by 3" solid stainless steel rod and a piece of 1" diameter by 3" stainless steel rod. I will also need a 1/2" or smaller down to a 1/4" FNPT fast actuating solenoid valve that I will control with a PWM, I am also in need of a PWM. I will also be needing some 2" ceramic insulation tape similar to the ones here: http://www.ceramicfiber.net/ceramicfibertape.htm

If you have any interest in funding the research and development of alternative fuel systems please use the link bellow:
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