USB LED Flashlight with Super capacitor 150 F 5.4 volts

I made new Supercapacitor Flashlight V2 it have 4 hour of runtime:

*Advantages of super capacitors include:
Long life, with little degradation over hundreds of thousands of charge cycles. Due to the capacitor's high number of charge-discharge cycles (millions or more compared to 200 to 1000 for most commercially available rechargeable batteries) it will last for the entire lifetime of most devices, which makes the device environmentally friendly. Rechargeable batteries wear out typically over a few years, and their highly reactive chemical electrolytes present a disposal and safety hazard. Battery lifetime can be optimized by charging only under favorable conditions, at an ideal rate and, for some chemistry, as infrequently as possible. EDLCs can help in conjunction with batteries by acting as a charge conditioner, storing energy from other sources for load balancing purposes and then using any excess energy to charge the batteries at a suitable time.
*Simple charge methods—no full-charge detection is needed; no danger of overcharging.
*Very high rates of charge and discharge.
*Extremely low internal resistance (ESR) and consequent high cycle efficiency (95% or more) and extremely low heating levels
*High output power
*High specific power. According to ITS (Institute of Transportation Studies, Davis, California) test results, the specific power of electric double-layer capacitors can exceed 6 kW/kg at 95% efficiency[7]
*Improved safety, no corrosive electrolyte and low toxicity of materials.
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