USB POCKET POWER GENERATOR - Emergency Free Mobile Charger

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This is a hand made DIY USB POCKET POWER GENERATOR using Servo motor. You can buy online only $2.5.

Generate near about a watt electricity. It will take long time to charge a battery. More powerful version will come soon.
In this project I used.
You can buy this from

For this kind of project you need :
1 .A geared motor : this is the best on i found so far its produce 20 watt

2. A buck boost convertor . it will give you constant output voltage, doesn't matter what is input voltage is

3. Use a capacitor as your requirement

4. A diode just for reverse polarity protection

In this project I used
REES52 Tower Pro SG90 9g Servo Motor

DC To DC boost Convertor

1000 microfarad Capacitor. You can use bigger capacitor may a
super capacitor.

diode IN4007

Charging phone is XIAOMI MI3 And using this it will take 12 hours to full charge. I will make 10 watt version soon. As always thanks for watching, if you like this video make sure you smack the like button.

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