Vac Cubes Single and Multi Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Multi Venturi Design Vac Cubes design of vacuum generators incorporates a series of venturi nozzles. Each nozzle has a progressively larger orifice selected to extract the maximum amount of energy from the compressed air, while optimizing the levels of vacuum generated. Normally, no special pre filters are required because the venturi nozzles are aligned to allow "straight through" air flow. Thus any air line contaminants easily clear the generator without clogging or building up.

Compressed Air Driven: Vac Cubes are easy to install. They operate efficiently on shop air (20-90 PSI) and are well suited for explosion-proof applications. There is no RF noise generated effect electrical- electronic systems either.
Economical to operate: The innovative Vac Cubes multi-venturi design uses less air, yet delivers three to four times more vacuum flow then a single venturi.

Compact Size: Allows pump placement closer to the point of use. Shorter air lines cost less and quicken response time.

Light Weight Construction: Most models weigh less then two pounds providing maximum flexibility and mounting ease.

Superior Control: Vacuum levels are controlled by adjusting inlet pressure Pumps can be cycled on and off by controlling inlet pressure rather then the vacuum line. Thus, there is no wasted energy.

No Moving Parts: Expect extra long pump life with no lubrication required.
Quiet Operation: All multi-venturi pumps come equipped with the Vac Cube straight through design silencers. Silencers muffle exhausted air resulting in low noise levels in the 60-65db range, without creating back pressure.

Low Cost: Pricing that is well below foreign imports is only part of the picture. Combined with ease of installation, control and maintenance, it means that your investment is far less when you have Vac Cubes.

All Metal Construction: Vac Cubes uses metal in all parts that are subject to wear, unlike foreign imports. Nozzles and all port threads are metal not plastic or just inserts. The only item that needs to be replaced are the standard viton flapper valves.

Quick Change Valves: Valves can be replaced using only a screw driver and without removing the pump from its mounted position.

Single venturi vacuum pump or ejectors offer a simple design that will never break or loose performance when it is given clean compressed air. There are no moving parts and all metal construction. Advantages of the single venturi are cost, light weight, quick cycling times and they can be placed at the point of pickup.
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