Vaporizing Liquids With Sound Waves. Study UltraSonic Transducer & Cavitation.

Automobile Fuel Injectors permit a liquid droplet size of approximately 50 Microns To 65 Microns to enter the automobiles combustion chamber to be Oxidized by ambient air entering the combustion chambers. Automobile Fuel Injectors do not vaporize gasoline. An industrial size Ultrasonic Humidifier will produce a liquid droplet size of 2 Microns to 5 Microns which quickly becomes a vapor seconds after leaving the Ultrasonic Humidifier(Transducer) when humidity is less than 100%.

Maximum gasoline molecule oxidation within the engines combustion chambers maximizes motive force per unit measure of gasoline used. Compressing flash heated fuel within an engines combustion chambers results in the production of heat, rather than motive force. See the Honda Civic GX(Powered By Natural Gas Vapors) or any LPG engine to see how engines run on fuel in it's Pre Vaporized (vaporized before it enters the combustion chambers of the enigne) state. Also see Smokey Yunicks Hot Vapor Car via Google Search.

I made this video in order to share with everyone- a way of Vaporizing liquids with Ultrasound Waves. The device is an Ultrasonic Transducer which vaporizes water and or gasoline without the use of heat(and with very little power consumption) but rather uses sound waves to vaporize liquids by way of Cavitation. Google search Cavitation to learn more about the process. Many inventors are using industrial size- ultrasonic transducers to instantly vaporize gasoline- when the engine is cold- once the engine is hot- and up to temperature- we can use the hot exhaust system to vaporize gasoline(400 Degrees F Minimum Temperature to completely vaporize gasoline with heat, At Atmospheric Pressure, At Approximatley 14.7 PSI). Keep in mind there are over 900 different patents- each with a different design to vaporize gasoline- which increases engine efficiency= more miles per gallon, more power and reduces exhaust emissions. Also see the 2010 Documentary "Gas Hole"(Here on You Tube), which explains in great detail- a few different ways in which gasoline can be vaporized. See links below for alternative fuel technologies and information.

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