Variable Pitch Vertical axis wind turbine

Silent Wind Turbine. The Vertical Axis Wind-Power Turbine ( VAWT ) is a new product designed. We started the research on VAWT 15 years ago. Now many of the famous experts the world wide have accepted such new technology and this technology will definitely lead the development of the small and middle size wind-power turbines.
Following are the detail features of FDCS series:

(1) Safe in operation:
a. Due to the usage of the helical design and polyethylene foams of blade, the FDCS is very light and wind force will mainly press on the wheel. So the blades will not be able to fall down, to be broken or to be thrown far away.

b. With a helical wind turbine, bird issues have rarely been a concern. It can be easily seen by birds or bats.

(2) Noise:
The way of the turning of the blades is of horizontal and the design of the blade is of the aerodynamic principles, so in operation the FDCS series will not make any noise.

(3) Capacity of wind resistance:
Due to the advantage of the design of the FDCS, the press force the turbine suffered is minimized and as the result the FDCS series can be used in areas with higher wind speeds where bladed turbines would need to be shut down for safety reasons.

(4) Space requirement:
It needs much smaller working space than other kinds of wind-power turbines. Thus not only saves the space, but also raises the working efficiency.

(5) Power curve:
It needs lower wind speed for its starting and the increasing of the power is slow and stable. In 5-8m/s wind speed, its production capacity is 10-30% higher than other kinds of turbines.

(6) Scope of the wind power needed:
Due to the usage of multi-poles and low RPM of permanent generator, this FDCS is suitable to be used in the wind speed scope from 2.5- 25 m/s.. It means we can get full use of the wind source and producing more power economically.

(7) Maintenance:
a. The turbine of the FDCS is of direct driven permanent magnetic system, without using the gear box and the direction adjustment equipment, besides, the outer rotor design makes it easy for heat output and makes the magnetic property stable, thus extend the life time of the generator.

b. The FDCS has no carbon brush, replacement is needless, further more, the maglev generator and oil-free ceramic bearing do not need maintenance.
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