Vawt Blade assembly new design 24 02 2016 free energy DIY

I am testing out a new type of blade that I made from some leftover fascia board / cladding type stuff , due to the restrictions regarding materials on hand the blades are 44 inches long and 8# wide , there are 12 blades with a theoretical total blade area of 4224 square inches which isn't bad but we have to bear in mind with this type of turbine only a small section of it operates in the energy gain phase. This is where wind deflectors come in and increase the power of the wind but more importantly the angle the wind enters and hits the blades at.

Wind is expected by the weekend so I will put some more video's up then.

Testing will continue until a good enough blade assembly is manufactured thereby giving me the excuse I need to build a motor, the blade mechanism must ultimately use a system of magnetic levitation to achieve a good output of torque to the motor.

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