VAWT : Build a Mag-Lev VAWT wind turbine from cheap parts........

Design: The PERFECT Mag-Lev VAWT ( Vertical Axis Wind Turbine )

This design lets you build the Perfect VAWT from cheap parts, which should be capable of generating
ONE HELL OF A LOT OF POWER. Since it's a Mag-Lev it's nearly frictionless, so efficiency can't possibly
get any better than this.

You'll need :

3 Plywood round plates, 3 Ft. diameter by 0.5 inch thick with 2 inch hole in center
32 Neodynium disk magnets, N45 ( shown in red/blue in video, red is north pole )
4 Neodynium Torus magnets, N45 ( shown in red/blue in video, red is north pole )
32 small plastic spools of Copper wire, 14 Gauge solid with enamel insulation ( for coil )
1 Steel pipe, 4 Feet long at 2 inch thick, with mountable support legs ( maybe auto part ? )
16 plastic plates, 1 Foot by 3 Foot by 0.5 inch thick
64 small right-angle mounts
128 wood screws, 0.5 inches long phillips
1 metal lock-ring torus, 2 inch diameter hole in middle with screw in from side to fix to axle

Once you have these items, watch the video to see how it goes together...........SIMPLE !!!!!


P.s.- WARNING: Magnets can crush fingers if not careful, so apply them one at a time.
Glue them to lower side of Rotor plate, and encase them in liquid plastic, let harden........
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