Vegetable Oil ( DIY ) Run Diesel on Waste Oil WVO $100 conversion Alternative Fuel Drive For FREE

In this video I show you just how simple it is to convert your diesel vehicle to run on waste vegetable oil at a cost of only 100 dollars. Then you can drive for FREE !

This conversion would also work to run on motor oil, home heating fuel, transmission fluid, crude oil, and or any combination of the above.

Here Is an excellent link to forums that cover this topic in more detail with specific applications to your vehicle.


I have also converted other types of diesels to run on WVO. Each vehicle is a little different and has different requirements. However the basic requirements are the same. Email me if you have any questions, I'd love to help.

I have a 1996 volkswagen TDI that gets 50 mpg and its 98 percent emissions free running on free WVO. Why drive a hybrid? Doesn't make sense economically.

Its best to let your WVO sit for several months in the sun. This allows any water to go to the bottom, along with any food particles. Then be sure to filter your WVO well with a water block filter. This removes any remaining water in WVO.

I've calculated that I am making 50 dollars an hour while I'm making my own fuel. This number comes from the amount of time it takes me, which includes going to get the WVO, filtering it, and putting it into my vehicle. Vs the amount of money I would spend at the fuel pumps. It is well worth it to me.

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