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Velkess Energy Storage [ Velkess's Technology -- The Flexible Flywheel ]

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We're developing a new flywheel technology which will dramatically reduce the cost of energy storage and clean energy.
Lower Cost Energy Storage is the Key to Clean Energy and Energy Independence

The cost of clean & distributed electricity generation like wind and solar has fallen dramatically over the past few years making them the cheapest sources of electricity in the world. But because the wind is not always blowing and the sun is not always shining, their power is not always available. Energy storage takes the sometimes-on output of wind and solar and turns it into always-on reliable electrical power available whenever you need it. Affordable energy storage is the last missing piece of the clean energy equation. We are developing a new and dramatically lower cost energy storage technology.

This Kickstarter will fund the construction of a magnetic bearing and motor assembly that is the last piece of our product prototype. With this assembly complete, we will have a fully operational product prototype which we can demo for customers. Then we can begin taking orders and go into production with our initial systems!
Why not Batteries?
Batteries have been the word in energy storage for generations. They are tried and true, and some are capable of remarkable performance... But they are highly toxic and they are simply too expensive!

Because batteries cost so much, they make wind and solar uncompetitive compared to fossil fuel generation for providing always-on reliable power. When brought to market, Velkess's non-toxic and recyclable technology will dramatically reduce the cost of energy storage and make clean generation the clear cost and performance leader in many applications.

Personal Energy Independence
Hurricane Sandy left over 2,100,000 people without power in 11 states. Even those with backup generators found that fuel scarcity made them vulnerable.

An average suburban home can generate all the electricity it needs by collecting the solar energy that hits its roof. Energy Storage makes it possible to be completely independent from both the electrical grid and the fuel distribution system.

Velkess's low cost energy storage will make reliable clean and truly independent electricity generation an affordable reality.

Developing World Applications
In many developing regions, grid electricity can be even more unreliable than electricity from the wind or the sun so people who need reliable power use small fossil fuel powered generators. Energy storage makes reliable, always-on power from unreliable power, be it an erratic grid or local solar and wind generation. Velkess's technology coupled with wind or solar generation will substantially undercut the cost of always-on power produced by fossil fuel generators, improving the health of developing economies and reducing their dependance on fossil fuel.

Velkess's Technology -- The Flexible Flywheel
While Velkess's technology will replace batteries, it is a completely different device called a flywheel. The following animation explains the basic working of an energy storage flywheel...

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Any more info: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1340066560/velkess-energy-storage

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