Vertical Axis Wind Technologies


Vertical Axis Wind Technologies including the GALE™ wind turbine system is grid-tied to the utility through your electrical panel. The GALE™ turbines produce three phase variable AC power which is converted to DC power with a wind interface box, and then into useable AC power with an inverter. You can also add a standalone battery system or a combination of a grid-tie system with battery backup is also possible.

Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, Windspire® wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and four feet wide Windspire wind turbines are appropriate for urban, suburban and rural environments. Elegantly engineered, scalable and made in America, Windspires come as a complete system.

Inexpensive, reliable, simple, the hallmarks of the Helix system make it the best choice for low wind speed residential and commercial applications. The Savonius turbine based design catches wind from all directions creating smooth powerful torque to spin the electric generator. Mounted up to 35 feet high, in winds as low as 10 mph the Helix system creates electricity to power your home or business.

How it works: As the wind blows the long helical blade scoops catch wind from all directions forcing it through the turbine. The turbine generator is connected directly to your home and as electricity is generated your home is powered. If the wind isn't blowing your home is powered by the energy grid as usual. If the wind is blowing strongly then your energy produced can exceed your energy consumed and, depending on your local utility, your meter can spin backwards rolling back your energy bill.

A versatile small wind system.

Altering electronic controllers, the Ropatec Maxi Vertical can address a highly versatile range of energy applications.

When connected with a certified on-grid inverter, power generated from Maxi Vertical is feedable directly into a local grid.

Or else, when addressing more specific applications such as water heating, further energy costs savings can be realised when connected to Ropatec's innovative heating controller „HotMax".

In off-grid conditions where digital chargers are used, the Maxi Vertical in connection with a Ropatec's hybrid charger enables a streaming of wind/solar photovoltaic energy, and other energy sources.

Maglev wind turbines have several advantages over conventional wind turbines. For instance, they're able to use winds with starting speeds as low as 1.5 meters per second (m/s). Also, they could operate in winds exceeding 40 m/s. Currently, the largest conventional wind turbines in the world produce only five megawatts of power. However, one large maglev wind turbine could generate one gigawatt of clean power, enough to supply energy to 750,000 homes. It would also increase generation capacity by 20% over conventional wind turbines and decrease operational costs by 50%. If that isn't enough, the maglev wind turbines will be operational for about 500 years!

Forgen wind turbines are designed for use in harsh environments where other wind turbines can't last the course. While most often used for trickle-charging on yachts, they are also an excellent choice for running remote scientific instruments (especially in the polar regions as a low-temperature version is available on all vertical axis models).
Well-engineered sealed bearings, a simple yet robust construction and an efficient, carefully-balanced generator combine to make a machine that is dependable, yet effective. All electrical components are encapsulated and the unit is virtually maintenance free.

At VAWT Systems, we believe that all renewable energy sources compliment each other. In combination with solar energy, the best of all worlds can be combined to provide power where it is needed anytime the wind is blowing and the sun is shining. VAWT Systems combines these technologies into an energy system we call the "PowerTower". Whether you are powering billboards, security lighting, emergency systems or remote sensor systems for the USGS, these systems are meant to provide power anywhere in the world.

The Blackhawk Project, LLC is dedicated to the development and improvement of Alternative Energy Systems for the benefit of all. The nature of energy in the wind is such that incremental increases in the size of the turbine result in an exponential increase in power output. With economy of scale in the manufacturing processes and the increase of power output, the expected ROI becomes even more favorable with large scaled models. The TR-10 is just the first in a series of VAWTs, with development of larger models underway.
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