Vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) Build DIY Part 1

Parts List:
5* 10'x4" PVC cut in half and ripped lengthwise to make 18 blades.
1* Mountain bike with 21" wheels.
2* 10' long 2"x4" Treated wood studs cut in half to make 4 supports.
1* 4'x8' by 1/2" plywood sheet.
2* 1/4"x8" scrap metal discs for load distribution plates.
1* Box of 3" long phillips head wood screws for outdoor decking

Tool List:
1* High power hammer drill
1* 3/16" Hammer drill bit for cutting steel
1* 5/16" Hammer drill bit for cutting steel
1* 3/8" Hammer drill bit for cutting steel
1* Phillips head driver bit
1* Circular saw
1* Circular saw blade for cutting plastic
1* Circular saw blade for cutting wood
1* Jig saw
1* Jig saw blade for cutting wood smoothly
1* 2' to 10' long angle iron
1* Sharpie
1* Scrap plastic like drop cloth or a baggie (4"x2")
1* Strong Pliers

How I made this VAWT:
I took a 3' long angle iron and rested it on the pipes to use as a straight edge. Then I marked the pipes on one side with a sharpie lengthwise. I used a piece of plastic drop cloth cut to 4"x2" to measure where to position the line on the other side of the tube. This was marked out to 180 degrees from the first line to make sure i cut the tub directly in half. Once the other side was marked out with the angle iron by playing 'connect the dots' I ripped the pipes down the marked lines to cut the tubes in half lengthwise, that gave me 10 10' long halfs. After that I measured out to the 5' mark and cut all the halfs on the 5' mark, this gave me 20 blades (18 used and 2 spare). I then sanded the blades to remove all burrs.

Next I disassembled the bike's wheels and thoroughly cleaned them out and lubricated the bearings with red devil. (http://www.rocklube.com/red_devil.htm) I then took the blades and measured where the will attach to the spokes of the wheels. I only used one spoke to pass through the PVC blade per wheel. I drilled out the holes in the PVC to allow the spoke to pass through it.

I cut 2 plywood circles 28" in diameter then drilled out the center of each plywood and metal plate. I drilled out 8 more holes in the metal plates to allow wood screws to pass through them and into the plywood. I attached the metal plates to the plywood with 8 wood screws, broke off the ends of the wood screws that poked through the plywood with pliers. Then I bolted the bike wheels to the center holes in the plates. I measured out the length for the 2x4" studs and cut them to fit in between the plywood plates. I put 2 wood screws through the plywood and into the end of each stud. I screwed them into 45 degree angle so that they would sweep a bit more air into the turbine.

Now it's time to start the next leg of this project. I'm going to attach a 200 Amp car alternator with a 10:1 gear box or a DC generator to it (which ever one works best), inverter and wattage displays. Then I'll set up the battery bank, and wire this completed VAWT into a system in upcoming videos.

This video was filmed in low wind speeds (I'm guessing about 2 mph to 5 mph)

Please feel free to ask questions I'll answer them quickly :)
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