Vertical ecocibernety city

The City eco-cibernetic in the design process takes input
from the nature, its forms and strategies of integration with
the environment. .
Its structure resembles a forest of trees that look for the
light and their roots give the base to support the movement
and forces of the nature, like the seisms and wind.
Its self-sufficiency is not only limited in the energy aspect,
by the integration of aerogenerators that take advantage
of the airflows between the two towers, and to the obtaining
water of the air, but also in the economic, social and
environmental aspects by its flexibility and integration of
uses in the 150 floors, that turn it into a alive machine.
This building integrate the communication networks,
incorporating in its facade a system of photovoltaic lattices ,
that give energy to screens of leds, creating a facade
multimedia that interacts with the changes of the atmosphere.
Also the skin of the building is made by bio-climatic panels
who apply nanotecnología for their cleaning, these panels
allows to the growth of vegetation in their surface creating a
green mantle that purifies the air that crosses this skin.

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