VesGen 101a coil test 2.mpg Not A Bedini Hybrid Tesla or Starship Alternator coilI on Teep not IAEC

Not a Bedini coil, Tesla coil or Starship coil not an alternator coil but a new concept in manufacturing coils that are small light weight and use 60% less wire to gain 70% more functional power then any compared standard coil.

The following video showing a set of V-coils is a work in progress to provide feedback information in the optimizing our power index to magnetic flux rate in a controlled speed and rotor moment.

Since our main mover is a consistent speed and force rate it is possible to do very controlled testing form a simple crude rotor system powered by an AC motor that in no way changes the output power form our coils here in testing.

Standard Bedini coils and other coils shown on many forums such as Energetic, IAEC, and even Teep, have been tested and are being tested to compare all power ratings to the V-coil, on our control crude test rig. To date we have found none that are able to sustain the loaded power outputs of the V-coil.

In the following set of tests you will see this set of V coils in stages conforming to the magnetic index and become optimized for the rotor being used.

As always feel free to comment post your video responses and email me form my channel.

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