VesGen 101a parts show 2.mpg Not a Bedini Hybrid or SEG AC and Pulse Motor

VesGen AC and Pulse motor / Generator, test build continues to gain parts, pored and also CNC cut to shape from the animated video on my channel to the rest of the videos for this complete build stay tuned to this progress for all the fine details it takes to build and test this system.

Magnetic coil testing from both a stable AC drive source and a DC pulse system unlike Bedini systems this will perform several speed tests and rotation torque related test as well as the final power related tests for the New coil design shown on my channel as well.

This build for showing the energy that is obtainable from a 100 turn coil and finally a full set of coils to rival any Bedini style generator SEG or Step gate generator out there.

Enjoy the build. Please comment post videos to your channel and link my videos to yours Ill do the same.

Subscribers, Friends.

I have loaded up a new set of videos I would welcome your viewing the new videos and your comments as well. Post your videos as responses too.

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