i have made a copy of the ECOPRA KIT so thanks to them im saving fuel, reducing emissions and prolonging the life of my engine (im not selling). thanks to ecopra in france

are now producing a similar water fuel saving device competitively in the UK.
They are global and have suppliers in France, USA and Columbia

Mercedes Sprinter is 2.3 litre 1999 and im also gonna refit the Exhaust Gas Recirculating (EGR) valve onto the exhaust just before the catalytic converter,and feed it water steam.
very simply, extend the wiring and the vacuum hose from under the bonnet and make another connection from the Water pre heater straight to the egr valve.
When the engine is requiring EGR open then steam will be fed into the catalytic converter instead.
A percentage of the Exhaust gas is constantly recirculated through the Ecopra system.

Really my goal is to add a further oil and water drip (vapour) system and a vapour carburettor and try to get to a stage where i can remove the diesel pump and injectors.

to keep warm i can recommend two pairs of long johns and a calor gas bottle wood stove.

special thanks to the crowd at The Smartscarecrow show (you tube)
and GEET related research
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