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The London Low Emission Zone will be enforced in 2012, The 'fake' emissions test they are telling us to pay £32 pounds for will only force us off the road. SIMPLY because they (TFL Transport For London) have adopted a small number of companies who make and fit CATALYTIC CONVERTERS and without a reciept for this, we are being told that WE CANNOT EVEN HAVE THE TEST. so the fee is not £32 it is closer to £2000.
I am a consumer, i have a mind of my own, and i have a clean green technolgy fitted to my van, although its 'old' from 1999 its cleaner than the new vans.
Test my emissions not my bank balance, my Van's emissions are Excellent and would pass your test EASY. Full and comprehensive emissions test should be compulsory , and enforced, not the current legislative extortionate 'SHOWPONY' of a smoke test.
My vehicle is clean because IT MATTERS TO ME. why force me into a shop i dont need and cannot afford. Your policy must allow a test for the vehicle as you implied when the 'emissions' scheme was announced.

the GOOGLE PATENT #2863499 furnace uses water to burn with oil and obviously saves
money . im trying to build one at the moment out of standard stainless steel fittings (with minimal welding) that would be easy to replicate and would advise you to have a look at such a gloriously simple and effective design.
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